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Berlin : My heart is broken…

I’m just writting this article because I’m so sad. My heart is broken and then I’m thinking, I can’t find a reason to why terrorist done bad things and have dark thinking. I woke up this morning and I was checking some new about Germany.

I made my first trip in Europe (Germany), so every day, I take news about this country. I was checking news, and I seen «
Nine Dead and 50 Wounded After Truck Crashes Into Berlin Christmas Market in Possible Terror Attack » from Anna Merlan ( No, no (I said at the moment that it’s an error). And I checked Berlin on google, I’ve seen that is was true. Police of Berlin said that it was probably a terrorism attack. Mmm




They were thinking about how to spend their christmas day, spend times with their family. They were thinking about the best present they could offer to their child or their husband or their wife. 12 dead and 50 wounded… They were planning they christmas holydays and what happened ?


People who don’t have love in their heart, people who planned wrong things and bad actions destroyed their dream, their holidays. While some are thinking about how to do good things, some are thinking about how to killed, make domage.

Why some people can be so wicked !!! Why break down your friend or someone else ! that’s so wicked, inhuman, terrible.

I can’t accept. No I will never accept.

Christelle Assam’


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Journaliste indépendante, Linguiste, amoureuse de la culture, musique, événements, spectacles et rencontres culturels. Militante pour la valorisation de la femme.

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