P6220376.JPGBorn in 1991, Awoin Christelle-Raissa Assamené lived with her parents in the north of Ivory Cost (West Africa). After the war in 2002, her 3 sisters, 3 brothers and her parents stay in Gagnoa during 5 years before going to San pedro. Christelle Assamené passed her BEPC and after got a scholarship to study English for 3 years. Because of her love for TV, Radio and culture, she decided to learn Linguistics and Communication after her baccalaureate A1.

Today, she is Journalist and have a blog (www.Culturassam.wordpress.com). She gave news at Radio Amitié Yopougon (Local Radio) and she has a cultural program at Studio Mozaik (Peter Graze’s Foundation) were she made her training (www.studiomozaikwebradio.org)

Christelle Assamené or Christelle Assam’ (her Journalist’s nickname) is still studing English at Ameritech and she study also Linguistics at the University of Felix Houphouet Boigny in Abidjan/Cocody.

She wants to work with international institution especially with institution which work to promote culture and help people in the world. One of her dream is to become a good English speaker, to help new generation in her Ivory Cost to speak English very well, especially girls.


I like Gospel Music, Reggae, Jazz music, traditionnal music..I think that I love all kind of music…  Of course, if it is a good music… I like Movies, specially comedy movie. I like laughing…

To be continued…


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