Be creative 1…

Hi!!! every one. It’s a new day for me, because I just started a category in my blog in english. I will try to write all articles of the category « BE CREATIVE »,  in english. So I hope you will help me in that new way…Thanks a lot.

Today I want to show you my creation. I named it « chic-chic ». I create earrings and bracelet. I thought to create something like that, but I didn’t know if it would be beautiful and interessant. But one day, I seen one model in the network, and I realized that my thinking was good.


So, I try to do it. Here is the model, and here is my creation. The bracelet is not the same. Mine is round contrary to the other which is square.



First, you can buy a bracelet in the market or if you have one, you can take it.

You take your peace of loin cloth, and try to put it around your bracelet. I will tell you, It’s not easy. But it’s interessant to create new thing.

You can use a glue like me. I use it to make my bracelet, or you can sew the fabric and after wrap it on your bracelet.

It’s the same with earings. Here is the result!!! You can wear it with withe chlothes or black to develop your creation.

Pay attention, don’t wear chlothes with many colours, please…


Don’t forget! It’s not easy at the beginning so, be patient.

Thanks a lot, I hope you loved it. You can share your creation too, on my e-mail (… Bye bye!!!

Christelle Assam’




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